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This Website Safety Tested by McAfee SiteAdvisor

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Frequently Asked Questions / Help

Sales Department:

  1. Click here to purchase website hosting and/or here to buy or transfer domain names.

  2. Or, click here for our legacy system's domain names and SSL certificates. (Mostly for clients before Sept. 2015)

Support Department:

  1. For the fastest help, please view our Knowledgebase.

  2. Or, click here for help on how to submit a support ticket.

    1. Click here to go directly to the Support Ticket page.

Main Phone: (417) 2-STORES [278-6737] (M-F 8 AM - Noon & 1 PM - 5PM Pacific Time, Closed weekends and on major holidays., )
Help: Buy Domains/SSL Certificates): (480) 624-2500 (24x7) For legacy clients only
Help: Transfer Domains: (480) 624-505-8866
(24x7) For legacy clients only.

ATTENTION: The remainder of page is no longer being updated.

NOTE: Click here for full hosting instructions to access your web site control panel, email & webmail and FTP.

Why are some people's emails bounced back to them while I still get emails from most other people?
This is typically because the sender or their email server is being identified and blocked as spam. Click here for more help unblocking specific email senders.

Where do I access my online email login ( e mail login )?
Address: http:/www.YourDomain.Com/webmail
User Name: youremailaccount@yourdomain.com (Ex. info@bobswidgets.com, must be all lower-case)
Password: Is case-sensitive, no spaces allowed, 8 character minimum, should contain special characters, numbers and upper-case & lower case letters
Lost your password?: Contact us.

Why Did I Receive an Email about "Important ICANN Notice Regarding Your Domain Name(s)"?
This is ICANN's (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) email they send out every year asking you to confirm your domain name's ownership & contact information. Please follow the instructions in the email to make sure everything is up to date. The link in the email will take you our domain management site where you can review the information. It is especially important the ensure that your email address is correct. To make changes, click on My Account near the top-left and login.

How do I make links in the File Manager's HTML Editor?

  1. Login to your web site control panel
  2. Click on File Manager
  3. Click OK button
  4. Left-click icon to the left of desired file
  5. Click the HTML Editor icon
  6. Select desired text
  7. Click the Hyperlink icon
  8. Paste link into address field
  9. Click the Insert button
    Watch this short How-To video?: Making Hyperlinks.

What are my FTP settings?
Host Name/Address: ftp.YourDomainName.com
User ID: Is case-sensitive, no spaces allowed, 8 character minimum
Password: Is case-sensitive, no spaces allowed, 8 character minimum
File Transfer Type: Passive

My digital pictures are too big to upload to my eStore (more than a megabyte each). How can I easily reduce their file size without having to learn Photoshop or some other complex program?
Free photo editing software is available online at www.WebResizer.com. Here is a short instructional video:

For more online tools check out our Image Resizing Help page.

  1. Open your specific picture in Microsoft Paint (standard in most, if not all, Windows OSs): File > Open > (picture's filename).
  2. Use this pull-down menu: Image > Stretch/Skew.
  3. Reduce Stretch percentages by same amount (to keep formatting the same), say 50 percent in both horizontally and vertically. You can experiment before saving to get the right balance between file size and picture readability by using Undo.
  4. Once you have an acceptable photo size for e-mailing, save the file: File > Save As > (filename and file type as JPEG File Interchange Format: jpg; jpeg). (Note: If you want to keep your original file intact, choose Save As and type in a different name.)

Can my web site have sound or video?
Yes, today's improved browsers and faster Internet connections make this easy. For more information on how to add sound or video to your web site go to our Multimedia Design for Web Site Sound and Video.

Why did I receive an email saying my Top--Sites listing is about to expire?
You can ignore these emails if you want. They just SPAM (can be read as SCAM). You've probably never had a listing with Top--Sites so there isn't a listing to expire. For proof, go to www.top--sites.com and search for bfg3.com and the message you'll get is "Sorry. We could find any matches for your search. Please try another." They attempt to offer proof that Alexa says they're "one of the 10 fastest growing web sites in the world" but the link goes to another page on Top--Sites, not Alexa. That's like printing your own money and trying to pass it off as the real thing.

Why am I getting pop up windows?
Many times pop-up advertisements and pornography windows is the result of programs being installed on your computer without your knowledge. We do not do this nor do we condone it. For help removing and preventing pop-ups click here.

How do I remove a virus from my computer?
To identify and remove harmful viruses and worms click here.

Other questions?
We will be glad to assist by phone.

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